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Dock Levelers

Central State Door Service carries a wide range of dock levelers in various sizes and configurations. We exclusively feature well-respected products that are strong, reliable and easy-to-use. In busy loading facilities, our products can stand the test of time, facilitating safe and secure loading, day in and day out.




    Central State Door Service carries a wide range of mechanical dock levelers in various sizes and configurations. We exclusively feature well-respected products that are strong, reliable and easy-to-use. In busy loading facilities, our products can stand the test of time, facilitating safe and secure loading, day in and day out.

    Key features include a one-of-a-kind loading dock plate design — a lip lug and header — that provides a gap-free connection between a truck and a loading bay. A hold-down with simple release provides unrestricted float, and a full yielding walkout lip extension makes operation smoother and more efficient, particularly in busy facilities where any error can seriously impact productivity. All of our mechanical dock levelers offer superior ergonomics and withstand any weather conditions.

    Warranty and Support

    An exclusive manufacturer’s warranty valid for one year after the date of installation backs our mechanical dock levelers. Additional structural components are warrantied for up to ten years.

    When you trust Central State Door Service to install your mechanical dock leveler, you can count on our expert support for as long as you own your product. We’ll be there to provide all required maintenance and repairs. For more information about how we can help you or assistance choosing the right mechanical leveler for your needs, contact our office today.





    Central State Door Service’s hydraulic dock levelers are an excellent upgrade over their mechanical counterparts. They offer smooth and efficient operation, while withstanding the rigors of any busy loading facility. We offer products from some of today’s most trusted manufacturers and provide the installation and ongoing support to ensure they offer reliable performance for years to come.

    Our products include a number of features not found on competing models, such as a unitized structure with continuous welds at the header plate, beam and lugs. This adds additional strength and resistance to rust and wear. Other features contributing to our hydraulic dock levelers’ durability include 50-55,000 PSI yield material for select components and a continuous rear hinge assembly with no pinch point.

    Efficient, Smooth Hydraulic Operation

    One of the hallmarks of our hydraulic dock levelers is their straightforward, one-button operation. With this system, one button raises the deck, extends the lip, lowers the lip onto the truck bed and stores the leveler. A frame-mounted, integral hydraulic assembly and enclosed, non-ventilated motor provide the power. All hydraulics offer maximum durability and feature a heavy-duty design, polished chrome rods and high-pressure seals.

    We will be happy to assess your needs and provide a quote for a turnkey or customized system for your facility. We back all our products with an exceptional manufacturer’s warranty. We also provide maintenance and repairs as necessary to keep your purchase working reliably and efficiently for years to come.






    An air-powered dock leveler from Central State Door Service is an invaluable addition to any loading facility, one that will improve productivity and reduce cycle times for years to come. Like all of our products, our air-powered dock levelers come from today’s leading manufacturers and offer quality you can trust, even in heavy-duty applications.

    Features at a Glance

    Our air-powered dock levelers include a number of advanced features, each of which facilitates efficient performance. This next-generation technology includes:

    • A sophisticated lifting system that lifts the deck using the entire power of the bag. During loading, the system remains protected and stationary, minimizing the risk of error.
    • A low-maintenance, automatic lip extension that is activated using the natural weight of the deck. Compared to conventional flip lip designs, this maximizes the amount of power available.
    • One-button deck control. A key safety feature, the one-button deck controls on our air-powered dock levelers allow operators to stop the deck’s descent instantly when maintenance supports need repositioning.
    • A balanced, single-chamber air bag design. The unit’s air bag is made of a reinforced, PVC-coated material that minimizes seams and eliminates friction from environmental contamination.

    Available Exclusively From Central State Door Service

    To learn more about how an air-powered dock leveler can benefit your facility, contact a Central State Door Service representative today. We are available to provide detailed system specifications or a quote for installation in your facility.




    Edge-of-dock levelers are ideal for use in loading and unloading environments where there is little variance in trailer heights. They are an excellent, lower-cost alternative to an air-powered or hydraulic dock leveler — and they won’t sacrifice performance or reliability.

    Central State Door Service carries both manual and hydraulic dock levelers, as well as a range of accessories such as vehicle restraint systems, safety barrier gates and more. We back all of our products with our industry-leading commitment to regular maintenance and customer support.

    Manual Edge-of-Dock Levelers

    Our manual edge-of-dock levelers feature a lip hinge that’s lug-type as well as deck and lip rods that are plated. They are available in several different configurations to meet the needs of a wide range of shipping and loading facilities. Capable of handling between 20,000 and 50,000 lbs., our products are tough. We back them with an excellent warranty. An automatic return-to-deck function and lever-activated lip extension deliver improved productivity and faster loading/unloading times.

    Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Levelers

    Hydraulic edge-of-dock levelers feature easy-to-use push-button operation and an NEMA 12 enclosed control unit to prevent contamination from dust and oil. We carry several different models, with deck widths ranging from 66” to 83” and capacities up to 60,000 lbs. Choose a hydraulic deck loader for any heavy-duty application. For additional convenience and durability, our products feature a 1 horsepower hydraulic unit, full or fixed rear hinge, self-housed motor pump system and automatic return-to-dock function.

    Let us put together a package containing an edge-of-dock leveler and related accessories that meet the specific needs of your operation. Call or email our office to get started today.





    Vehicle restraints play an important safety role in busy loading docks. Central State Door Service has a number of manually operated, non-impact vehicle restraint systems for sale that are easy-to-use and cost-effective. Working with some of today’s leading manufacturers, we sell and install products capable of providing up to 32,000 lbs. of restraining force. Use them to engage and lock a trailer’s rear-impact guard so it stays put while your crew works, reducing the risk of an accident and limiting your liability.

    How It Works

    Our vehicle restraint systems use a manually activated control bar and barrier system that automatically adjusts to trailer movement. You can use these restraints with rear-impact guards up to 30 inches above grade. They maintain positive contact at all times. Certain models have an optional barrier-mounted sensor bar that automatically alerts the operator when the guard has been engaged.

    All of our vehicle restraints feature a low-profile housing that stores easily at 9 inches above grade, keeping sensitive components safe and avoiding damage due to debris, snow, ice and other weather.

    We Service What We Sell

    At Central State Door Service, we not only sell and install advanced vehicle restraints, we also offer ongoing service support to keep your purchase working its best for years to come. If you ever have an issue with your restraint, one call to our office is all it takes to have a technician dispatched to your location.

    We are proud to offer both quality products and expert support to all customers. Call or email a sales representative today to discover what we can do for you.







    restraint-combo-controlsYou’ve invested in the best dock levelers, doors and communication lights available to help your facility run more safely and maintain optimal efficiency. An integrated control system allows you to make the most of these components by putting their full functionality at your fingertips.

    At Central State Door Service, we sell and install some of the most advanced control systems on the market today. Our products work seamlessly with your existing door and dock systems, while positioning you for future expansions. Let us match you with the right control system for your needs. To discuss installation options with a qualified salesperson, contact a Central State Door Service representative today.

    Benefits at a Glance

    Our control systems offer a number of benefits for operations of all sizes. Use them to:

    • Free up wall space by consolidating controls for various equipment and systems into a single, easily accessible panel
    • Interconnect equipment operation, so your team can access controls and respond to emergencies more effectively
    • Simplify maintenance and diagnostics — while reducing the risk of damage due to weather or debris — by placing controls for multiple devices in a single location

    Use a Central State Door Service integrated control panel for your dock leveler, vehicle restraint, barrier gate, overhead doors and loading dock lights. Units run on a 120v power supply, and you can outfit them with optional accessories such as LED lights, fans, disconnects and more.

    We install and provide ongoing support for all products we sell. Our integrated control panels are no exception. We can set up any control panel in your location and provide training to key staff so you get the most out of your investment.





    Dock seals and shelters are important to any loading facility, particularly those in areas prone to rain or severe weather. Let Central State Door Service match you with the right product for your facility. We sell and install a comprehensive selection of seals and shelters, backing up everything with our industry-leading customer support.

    Dock Seals

    Central State Door Service can supply and install dock seals for openings of any shape or size. Our products are made from durable polyurethane foam for maximum weather protection and tear resistance. Memory foam core side pads adjust automatically to create a seal that traps heat in your facility and keeps dust, insects and other irritants out. A drainage system routes water away from the seal, preventing mold buildup and reducing the risk of damage to your building. Use our door seals to save energy, increase productivity and prevent on-the-job accidents. Contact a Central State Door Service representative for more information or to request a quote.

    Dock Shelters

    Our dock shelters employ the same high-tech materials as our seals but feature improved coverage for greater protection against the elements. Shelters have vertical curtains to provide improved water diversion, maximum weather sealing and unrestricted trailer access. A translucent fiberglass cover lets in natural light, and multiple fabric options allow you to choose the best setup for your needs. Central State Door Service dock shelters make an excellent addition to a complete door system. Use them in conjunction with any of our levelers, restraints, barrier gates and other products.




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I enjoyed working with Andy and Mike to get our doors repaired. Both of you did a great job and I was very pleased with the results. I greatly appreciate the discounted price you are charging us. With finances tight it really helps!! I will talk to the Executive Director and find out if he will approve the repair on the safety items. Thanks again for being so personable and patient.

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I just want to tell you like always your service is top-notch. I had scheduled the 20-point service for Tuesday, June 19th and your service tech. Freddie, was on time and very professional. From the time I purchased the doors from Allison Door, you have always been first class. Thank You.

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Zack did a great job this morning replacing our lock. He is very knowledgeable, polite and a nice gentlemen. I am very pleased with the service from Central State.

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Bruce just departed leaving us with a beautiful new door. He did an outstanding job installing the door. He is fast, well organized and neat. You can be proud of this fine representative of Central State. Your field rep was also outstanding. I retired from Triple Crown a few years ago. I did their quality and safety work plus annual contractor and supplier evaluations. You would get an outstanding all around for this job. Thanks. Your are appreciated. Warm regards,

- D. Johnson

My personal thanks to all your staff involved when this began. Your team was here quickly, got us to an operational capacity, and got things rolling for the full repair. CS has always taken very good care of me when I've needed them the past 10 years. Please, share this with as many of your team members as you can find to appreciate my positive feedback, it is genuinely heartfelt.

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You are nice gentlemen. You can expect great word of mouth advertising.

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I am having a lot of repairs done at my home and just wanted to let you know that the gentlemen, Zack who left my home was polite, courteous, quick, and did a great job. I am used to calling to complain. Customer service is so important and your company does this very well. Please let the boss know how good my experience was.

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Just a quick note to tell you how impressed we were with your man Tom W. He was professional, efficient and courteous. Very fussy to detail on his job. He mentioned how he got his job with your company. He could not say enough good things about the company and its products. This is an employee who takes pride in his company and job performance with finished results to show. We also were appreciative of the time Alan W. took with us. Thank you.

- J & W Langley

Thank you for your kind assistance with the replacement of our garage door. Your installer did an excellent job and the door looks great.

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I love my new opener that Jarrod installed. I was so impressed with how quickly you got there and installed it. It’s so much quieter than the old unit. Your mechanic was great. He showed me how everything worked and how to program the key pad. Great Job!

- Carrie C

“I am thrilled at how easy you are to work with and how responsive you are with follow up and making recommendations. I know the language barrier was difficult but your persevered and were patient in dealing with me. I would recommend your company to anyone.”

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Thank you. It works like a dream. NO NOISE!!

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Great Job Vince! It works better than ever.

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“Just a quick note to tell you how impressed we were with your man Tom W. He was professional, efficient and courteous. Very fussy to detail on his job. He mentioned how he got his job with your company. He could not say enough good things about the company and its products. This is an employee who take pride inches company and job performance with finished results to show. We also were appreciative of the time Alan W. took with us. Thank you.”

- J. Langley

Thank you for a job well done. Zack was excellent at what he does and was very efficient! Thanks again!

- The Peters

Mindy is top notch and made it easy to deal with Central State. Your technician was knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

- Morris M

“This note is to commend our technician Zack for the good job he did when he repaired our garage door on Wednesday. The young man was very professional and appeared to detect the door problems immediately. he repaired the door and explained to me what he had found to be the problem. We are most grateful as the garage door now operates more quietly and smoothly than when it was installed. Please extend our thanks to him for a job well done.”

- M. Smedley

Just wanted to let you know that your guy, Vince was out at my house yesterday to work on my door and I was very impressed with how thorough he was. I thought he would just grease a few things and head out, but he took the time to fix all of the mechanical issues and get the door working more efficiently than the day it was put in. Thanks again.

- R Hughes

Just a note to the general manager. I had new springs installed of my two garage doors last week. A spring on each of the doors failed and had to be replaced. Your technician Mike M. checked the problem and told me what had to be done and within an hour or so completed the installation and made sure both doors operated properly and safely. Mike was courteous, efficient and knew what he was doing. He did an excellent job and could not have been a better representative for your company. Employees like him are a key reason why we always have been a customer of your company.

- Fran F.

Just wanted to you to know… your people did a really good job again! From Alan visiting/quoting… to the installer who was a really good communicator, a good worker and a good representative for CSD. As always…thank you! Trust all is well!!

- Gary H.

I wish to thank all the staff for their efficiency. All who had a part in the installation of the operator on my garage door. This includes Mindy that answers the phone, especially Mike C and Jarrod who did the installation. A pleasure to know there are still companies who know their job and do it well. Thanks again.

- J Sanders

Thank you for your kindness & helping getting the job finished. Your workers were very good.

- The Rymans

Should you ever need an unsolicited testimony, I would be happy to give it to you for the wonderful work your technicians have done when they installed my garage door in 1999 and yesterday when they replaced my door opener which was struck by lightning on Sunday night. Mindy handled the appointment which was more than I ever hoped for, Jarrod helped us release the old opener so that we could manually get our cars out and put in a slide lock for our safety. It was all done with no hassle much quicker than I ever hoped it would be and with such competency and courtesy from all of the men. It was a real pleasure to do business with them. They are above the usual service people and I thought you should know what assets they are to your business. I have told all the people I have spoken with how very accommodating they were and how much I appreciated the help they gave me. Sincerely yours.

- M Dooley

Thank you very much for saving our anniversary dinner by giving such wonderful service. I know we lucked out by having someone close by, but we appreciated you saving our day. Your technician who is normally on the commercial route came over and fixed our garage. He was friendly, efficient and had our door working again. He deserves a raise, especially with a baby on the way. Tell him we said hi and thank you.

- Michael S.

You should be proud of your employee that worked for me. Thank you.

- K McClain

Recently, your company installed a new garage door system at my house in Carlisle and serviced existing doors at my building in downtown Harrisburg. Marty and Randy have been very professional in their respective roles. More importantly though was the service your technicians provided. They are skilled at their work and pleasant to deal with which unfortunately has become too rare today. I will certainly refer people to your company. Thank you.

- J Male

Thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know how good everyone we work with CSD is. You’ve done an amazing job in making CSD become such a professional company from years ago. Zack has always been great … as has Alan … Happy for you and all your people.

- Gary H.

Thanks to “Vinnie”, he saved our summer. What a gem!!!

- Peter B.

Just wanted to pass along how professional your man was Friday afternoon while fixing our garage door. He quickly assessed our problem and got right to work, he explained everything to us and got the job done in a very timely manner. It was a pleasure dealing with a friendly tech who knew his job, got to work immediately and explained everything.

- George K

I sincerely want to say "Thank You" for your excellent response to my request. Your service man was most polite and helpful in repairing my garage door opener etc. Thank you for your help. I am sincerely thankful.

- Marion H

Thank you for your excellent service. From your phone representative to your service men. All were top notch.

- C Martin

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Alan for helping Sue and I to select a new garage door. We are very pleased with the door. It enhances our home and will look even better once our new siding is installed. The gentlemen who installed the door, Tom was very nice and very professional. Thank you again. We will recommend you and Central State to our friends and neighbors.

- C. Beckley