Our Industrial grade doors are all the highest quality available. We take great measures to ensure the safety of you, your staff and your customers by supplying higher than industry standard materials, all while maintaining a cost-effective industrial door solution for your needs.

  • High-Speed Roll Up Doors




    Perfect for high-traffic areas, high-speed roll up doors feature responsive lifting and lowering as well as breakaway design that can reduce damage and the cost of repairs in case of an accident. Our high-speed industrial roll up doors offer safety and protection, low maintenance and a variety of colors that allow you to customize your product. Moving at speeds of up to 100 inches per second, our high-speed roll up doors can handle the most challenging of high traffic areas, keeping workers and inventory safe and protected. Enjoy the benefits of advanced performance that maximizes safety and minimizes safety. Find each model in a range of standard colors, including blue, orange, yellow, red and gray.




    CSdoors_Rytec_BantamThis fabric roll up door handles interior and exterior dock applications. Choose between a manual hoist or push-button operation — whichever best matches your needs and work environment. Ideal for low-to-moderate traffic areas. The Bantam® is an economical fabric door option that offers an attractive alternative to the more difficult to maintain overhead dock doors.





    CSdoors_Rytec_PlexlineThis fiberglass door is fast and attractive, and it can handle high-traffic interior areas where durability is key. Plexline doors combine the best of composite materials with the best of Rytec high speed doors. For added safety, take advantage of features like an optional manual brake release, a reversing pneumatic edge and thru-beam photo eyes. Plexline doors make an affordable option for pharmaceutical and food facilities, as well as other industrial operations. As an added bonus: Plexline doors feature an understated design that makes the perfect complement to a sleek, contemporary work space.




    Predadoor NXT

    CSdoors_Rytec_PredadorNXTThis is the most advanced direct drive roll door on the market, providing tight seals and a wireless safety system. The Predator NXT provides dependable performance with low maintenance. It also includes advanced safety and repair features that maximize safety with little maintenance — the perfect combination when dependability is key. A two-year warranty on materials and workmanship adds additional value when you purchase the Predator NXT.





    When it was introduced with the first-ever Break-Away™ bottom bar, the Fast-Seal high-speed roll door changed the industry forever. Suddenly, a roll door is able to take a hit without suffering damage.

    It is this concept around which the high-speed door industry has grown, but no other manufacturer has matched the dependability or durability of the Fast-Seal with the original Break-Away™ bottom bar. This, along with its patented counterbalance and tension system, is why the Fast-Seal remains the best exterior high-speed door on the market today.




    Turbo-Seal SR

    CSdoors_Rytec_TurboSealSRImprove your traffic flow and reduce energy costs when you choose the Turbo-Seal SR. This high-speed roll door provides a tight seal for temperature-controlled areas and fast opening and closing for enhanced productivity. Its self-repair features also mean little downtime or maintenance for the operator. The Turbo-Seal SR automatically releases and resets when it takes a hit from either direction. This eliminates downtime without the need for a worker to take action and without the door sustaining any damage.




  • Spiral High Performance Doors




    Central State Door Service is proud to offer the Spiral® product line of high performance doors. Spiral doors are faster, more durable and stylish than the competition, making them an ideal choice for high-volume applications. Backed by Central State Door Service’s installation expertise and commitment to ongoing product support, all doors in the Spiral product line are built for years of reliable use.




    CSdoors_Rytec_Spiral2Spiral doors boast operating speeds of up to 60 inches/second, an important benefit in any busy facility where improving the time it takes to get vehicles in and out is a major productivity goal. Faster-opening doors also lead to reduced energy use, as more heat or air conditioning is retained in the building. Other key features include a stylish anodized aluminum design that looks great and won’t corrode, even after years of exposure to the elements.




    Spiral FV

    CSdoors_Rytec_SpiralFVUpgrading to a Spiral FV (full view) door lets you benefit from improved speeds of up to 100 inches/second and full-length see-through window slats that provide extra safety and a unique, sophisticated look. Add to that the whisper-quiet operation of a variable-speed AC drive system and it’s easy to see why the Spiral FV line is the choice of many forward-thinking businesses.






    Thanks to a unique design that eliminates metal-on-metal contact, all Spiral doors accelerate and brake smoothly, reducing wear and extending service life. The rigid, aluminum slat construction is built to withstand all weather conditions and secure enough to eliminate the need for an additional overnight security door.

    Available upgrades in the Spiral product line include an integral locking system for additional security, multiple panel and side frame options, and powder-coated covering in the color of your choice. For more information or to request a quote for installation on your property, contact a Central State Door Service Representative directly.

    Service and Maintenance

    We are available to install both Spiral and Spiral FV doors on any property in the central PA region and beyond. During over 70 years in business, we have performed more than 300,000 installations. Count on our team to get the job done right the first time. We can also provide any necessary maintenance to ensure your purchase delivers a lifetime of reliable performance.

  • Rubber Rolling Industrial Doors

    CSdoors Rytec Powerhouse XL



    Central State Door Service sells and installs Powerhouse series rubber rolling industrial garage doors. Incorporating patent-pending innovations, they boast a heavy-duty construction that’s suitable for years of use in any environment. Powerhouse doors are a great choice for any facility seeking fast and smooth operation, superior impact resistance and a modular design that makes repairs easy.



    Installation Options

    Central State Door Service offers both standard (SD) and XL size rubber doors for easy installation in any facility.

    Powerhouse SD

    CSdoors_Rytec_PowerhouseSDPowerhouse SD doors are powered by a variable-speed, direct-drive motor that can raise or lower a door at up to 67 inches/second. Soft starting and braking features ensure this doesn’t come at the expense of increased wear, either. The exclusive Release & Restore system prevents damage by releasing and self-resetting the door’s rubber panel with the push of a button.




    Powerhouse XL

    CSdoors_Rytec_PowerhouseXLLarger, faster and stronger than the competition, Powerhouse XL doors are ideal for mining, manufacturing, waste management and a range of other heavy duty applications. Key features include Rytec’s Dual-Sync technology, which greatly improves opening times, and a spring-free design that’s completely devoid of wearable parts.





    Built for All-Weather Performance

    Both Powerhouse and Powerhouse XL rubber rolling doors feature a reinforced structure for additional stability. Not only does this resist wear and tear, but it also creates a stronger seal for keeping air inside your facility and lowering your utility costs. If you work in an area prone to high winds, a rubber rolling door is an invaluable addition to your facility. Powerhouse products are built to respond to high winds and pressure, dynamically varying their resistance while in operation.

    Request a Quote Today

    When it comes to durability and performance, a Powerhouse rubber door can’t be beat. The best way to ensure your purchase delivers everything you expect it is to choose an installer you can trust. Central State Door Service has completed over 300,000 installations in more than 70 years in business. We are your exclusive partner for maintenance and warranty support on everything we sell.

  • Cold Storage Doors




    In facilities where precise temperature control is essential, Central State Door Service’s cold storage doors are an invaluable investment. We sell and install cold storage doors by today’s leading manufacturers. We’ve carefully selected some of the best products on the market, and we personally stand behind everything we sell with the same expert service that has made us an industry leader for more than 70 years.



    Our Products

    We sell cold storage doors of various shapes and sizes, including the following products by Rytec:

    Turbo-Seal Insulated

    CSdoors_Rytec_TurboSealInsulatedTurbo-Seal Insulated doors boast a number of impressive features, including an average opening speed of 101 inches/second. Faster opening times means less chance of cold air escaping. When the door is closed, 1” insulated panels create a superior seal. They have been engineered to deliver uniform performance from edge to edge. Internally, high-density closed cell foam with thermal breaks prevent energy transference. Turbo-Seal Insulated doors are driven by a sophisticated motor and control system that features infinite speed adjustment and full programmability to match traffic, speed and environmental factors.




    Turbo-Seal Freezer

    CSdoors_Rytec_TurboSealFreezerDesigned specifically for cold storage and transport facilities, Turbo-Seal Freezer doors take the innovations of the Insulated product line and further refine them to streamline traffic flow, minimize air infiltration and improve productivity. Freezer doors are fast, efficient and available with several defrosting options to reduce ice buildup. Additionally, these doors feature an extremely low profile — with side columns measuring 8” wide and projecting no more than 6”, they are ideal for practically any facility.




    All Turbo-Seal cold storage doors are backed by an impressive manufacturer’s warranty that is serviced directly by Central State Door Service.


    EnergyShield Cold Storage Operator System

    The EnergyShield cold storage system is an innovative commercial door operator and control system that helps to manage and control any cold storage facility. It increases dock efficiency, constantly controls temperature, and saves wear and tear on AC cooling equipment.



    Request a Quote Today

    When it comes to moving perishable goods or other temperature-sensitive products, all parts of your distribution system must work together to minimize losses during transport. A cold storage door is a key part of this chain — Central State Door Service can help you assess your needs and select a complete turnkey system that ensures they are met for years to come.

    We are proud to back up every installation we complete with ongoing maintenance and emergency service whenever necessary. To learn more or to request a quote for a set of cold storage doors, contact us today.

  • Food & Pharmaceutical High Speed Doors

    CSdoors Rytec Pharma Seal



    Preventing contamination and maintaining precise temperature control are key goals in any food or pharmaceutical facility. The demands of storage and shipping centers for these industries — where high volume traffic often puts products at risk — require sophisticated engineered solutions.

    At Central State Door Service, we’ve partnered with Rytec to offer some of the most advanced food and pharmaceutical doors on the market today. Combining innovative technology, quality materials and construction, and ongoing support from our team of service and maintenance experts, we offer complete solutions for all of your industrial door needs.



    Our Products

    Select products available from Central State Door Service that are suitable for food or pharmaceutical use include:


    CSdoors_Rytec_CleanRollClean-Roll doors offer fast operation and meet the strictest hygienic and sanitary standards in the world. Made of a combination of stainless steel and USDA-compliant materials, they can handle a complete wash-down without contaminants dripping into the traffic area. This almost completely eliminates the potential for spreading germs and greatly reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents. As a result, Clean-Roll doors are fully compliant with all relevant USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO standards.




    Fast-Fold Pneumatic

    CSdoors_Rytec_FastFoldThe Fast-Fold product line includes several high performance folding doors that improve safety and traffic flow in any operation. In a food or pharmaceutical plant, they can help prevent product spoilage by decreasing the risk of an accident without impeding workflows. Fast-Fold doors open at speed up to 84 inches/second and feature clear PVC panels for superior visibility.





    CSdoors_Rytec_PharmaRollSafe, sanitary and fast, Pharma-Roll doors meet FDA standards for cleanliness and contamination protection in pharmaceutical facilities. They feature sophisticated seals to maintain appropriate pressure differentials and removable side frame covers that make wipe-down cleaning easier. A replaceable PVC window improves visibility. Additional features — such as a fully programmable controller with motion-sensing technology and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity that eliminates the need for coil cords — make the Pharma-Roll one of the most advanced products of its kind on the market today.





    CSdoors_Rytec_PharmaSeal3A team of leading pharma industry engineers designed the Pharma-Seal rolling door to offer tighter seals and greater reliability without sacrificing speed and performance. Meeting the strictest cGMP standards, Pharma-Seal doors are fully enclosed, eliminating external cords, brackets and photo eyes for easy cleaning and sterilization. Notable features include a special light curtain safety system, flush membrane switch and manual-release handle, and a low profile design requiring only 14” of head clearance. Choose a Pharma-Seal door for any of your most demanding, highest volume applications.




    Central State Door Service can match pharmaceutical and food customers with the right product for any facility. We also service and maintain everything we sell, backing up our products with the kind of expertise that can only be gained through more than 300,000 installations over the course of more than 70 years.

    Find out more about any of our food and pharma door products or request a quote for a complete turnkey solution. Contact a Central State Door Service representative today.





I would like to thank Mike Bohn for trouble shooting and repairing our scissor Dock. Mike and his expertise has saved TEC a large amount of money. Please let Mike know that we appreciate his hard work.

- Todd M.

Just wanted to pass along how professional your man was Friday afternoon while fixing our garage door. He quickly assessed our problem and got right to work, he explained everything to us and got the job done in a very timely manner. It was a pleasure dealing with a friendly tech who knew his job, got to work immediately and explained everything.

- George K

Just wanted to you to know… your people did a really good job again! From Alan visiting/quoting… to the installer who was a really good communicator, a good worker and a good representative for CSD. As always…thank you! Trust all is well!!

- Gary H.

Bruce just departed leaving us with a beautiful new door. He did an outstanding job installing the door. He is fast, well organized and neat. You can be proud of this fine representative of Central State. Your field rep was also outstanding. I retired from Triple Crown a few years ago. I did their quality and safety work plus annual contractor and supplier evaluations. You would get an outstanding all around for this job. Thanks. Your are appreciated. Warm regards,

- D. Johnson

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know we are very happy with the garage doors. The difference between the new doors/equipment compared to the old is unbelievable.

- Fred D.

Thank you for your excellent service. The technician was very prompt and extremely personable. He represents your company well.

- J Harmon

Thank you for the prompt and excellent service. You are really a pleasure to work with and we appreciate being able to rely upon you. Happy Holidays.

- L Smigel

Mindy is top notch and made it easy to deal with Central State. Your technician was knowledgeable, courteous and professional.

- Morris M

I am having a lot of repairs done at my home and just wanted to let you know that the gentlemen, Zack who left my home was polite, courteous, quick, and did a great job. I am used to calling to complain. Customer service is so important and your company does this very well. Please let the boss know how good my experience was.

- Mrs. Milikan

Thank you very much for saving our anniversary dinner by giving such wonderful service. I know we lucked out by having someone close by, but we appreciated you saving our day. Your technician who is normally on the commercial route came over and fixed our garage. He was friendly, efficient and had our door working again. He deserves a raise, especially with a baby on the way. Tell him we said hi and thank you.

- Michael S.

My personal thanks to all your staff involved when this began. Your team was here quickly, got us to an operational capacity, and got things rolling for the full repair. CS has always taken very good care of me when I've needed them the past 10 years. Please, share this with as many of your team members as you can find to appreciate my positive feedback, it is genuinely heartfelt.

- Tony

I just wanted to thank you for the work that Cory and Todd completed yesterday. It looks good and the garage doors open and close so much more smoothly now. Please make sure to pass on my compliments to them and share this with their supervisors.

Cory and Todd were both very well-spoken and explained things carefully, which (to me) reflected professionalism. They kept me in the loop in terms of what they were doing and updating me with the progress. They presented me with a couple of items so that I could make a decision, which allowed them to proceed from there. I do appreciate Cory and Todd taking the time to include me in the process. They also had a couple of ideas to help me extend the life of my current garage doors as well as maintaining the new openers and springs installed. I am quite pleased with the overall experience.

Also, thanks for doing a thorough a job in terms of examining the overall items that needed to be replaced, installed, or improved. I have already spoken to a neighbor who inquired about new garage door openers for his home. I don't know if (or when) he may contact you but the work did not go unnoticed.

Thanks for a pleasant and positive experience.

- Don S.

Great Job Vince! It works better than ever.

- Milt

“This note is to commend our technician Zack for the good job he did when he repaired our garage door on Wednesday. The young man was very professional and appeared to detect the door problems immediately. he repaired the door and explained to me what he had found to be the problem. We are most grateful as the garage door now operates more quietly and smoothly than when it was installed. Please extend our thanks to him for a job well done.”

- M. Smedley

This note is to commend your technician Zack for the good job he did when he repaired our garage door on Wednesday. The young man was very professional and appeared to detect the door problems immediately. He repaired the door and explained to me what he had found to be the problems. We are most grateful as the garage door now operates more quietly and smoothly than when it was installed. Please extend our thanks to him for a job well done.

- Mrs. Smedley

“Just a quick note to tell you how impressed we were with your man Tom W. He was professional, efficient and courteous. Very fussy to detail on his job. He mentioned how he got his job with your company. He could not say enough good things about the company and its products. This is an employee who take pride inches company and job performance with finished results to show. We also were appreciative of the time Alan W. took with us. Thank you.”

- J. Langley

I have used Central State for all my garage door needs for almost 20 years and their quality of service is second to none. Zach arrived yesterday to install an new garage door opener. His professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to excellence were very evident from the moment he arrived until he finished the job. He exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Central State and in particular, Zach for all garage door and opener needs. I really appreciate the excellent work Zach did and the quality product Central State provided.

- Joe T

Thank you for a job well done. Zack was excellent at what he does and was very efficient! Thanks again!

- The Peters

Thank you so much for coming out the same day. I really appreciate you making me feel so safe!

- M Kanerson

“I am thrilled at how easy you are to work with and how responsive you are with follow up and making recommendations. I know the language barrier was difficult but your persevered and were patient in dealing with me. I would recommend your company to anyone.”

- M. Gunjac

Enclosed is our payment for garage door repair. I would be remiss if I didn’t compliment Mike, your tech. He was very thorough and explained what needed to be done and showed me the results of his work. A job well done!

- Belle W

Zack did a great job fixing our garage.

- M Hassett

It has been a long time since I have been happy with work done at my home. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who is looking to replace garage door openers or garage doors. I was also extremely impressed with Jarrod who went out of his way to make me happy. Thank you- job well done.

- Trish A.

I enjoyed working with Andy and Mike to get our doors repaired. Both of you did a great job and I was very pleased with the results. I greatly appreciate the discounted price you are charging us. With finances tight it really helps!! I will talk to the Executive Director and find out if he will approve the repair on the safety items. Thanks again for being so personable and patient.

- B Delancey

Just a quick note to tell you how impressed we were with your man Tom W. He was professional, efficient and courteous. Very fussy to detail on his job. He mentioned how he got his job with your company. He could not say enough good things about the company and its products. This is an employee who takes pride in his company and job performance with finished results to show. We also were appreciative of the time Alan W. took with us. Thank you.

- J & W Langley

Thank you Kim and all the fellows who came and helped me. My thanks to you all for being king during this great loss of my beloved husband. You all are doing Gods work to help others & you will get a reward in heaven. Tell all my thanks.

- Georgia

Thank you for your excellent service. From your phone representative to your service men. All were top notch.

- C Martin

I wish to thank all the staff for their efficiency. All who had a part in the installation of the operator on my garage door. This includes Mindy that answers the phone, especially Mike C and Jarrod who did the installation. A pleasure to know there are still companies who know their job and do it well. Thanks again.

- J Sanders

I just want to tell you like always your service is top-notch. I had scheduled the 20-point service for Tuesday, June 19th and your service tech. Freddie, was on time and very professional. From the time I purchased the doors from Allison Door, you have always been first class. Thank You.

- Joyce H.

Just had a new garage door and liftmaster opener installed by Marty today. He did an outstanding job!!! We are very pleased with our purchase and the great service. Thanks!

- James and Tammy H.

Sales - Alan visited my home twice and was very professional, knew his product extremely well and was customer oriented.  We decided to go with your firm notbased on dollars. There was one competitor cheaper - but follow-up by Alan.  The cheaper competitor canceled one appointment and was a no show for another. Alan always responded and did an excellent job for us.

Installation - The gentlemen, Cory was on time and completed his work in a professional manner.  Other than a new door and mechanics being in place, one could not tell he was even there.  No mess.  Excellent clean up.  The company should be reminded he did the entire job himself that day - no assistant.  He was alone.  Great job!

The Door - We could not be more pleased.  Quality product, operates quietly and looks great!

I will refer my neighbors and friends in the future.

Thanks to Alan, Cory and your whole team!

- Ted & Pat S.

Thank you for your excellent service. I'll recommend your company to my friends.

- I Springman

I sincerely want to say "Thank You" for your excellent response to my request. Your service man was most polite and helpful in repairing my garage door opener etc. Thank you for your help. I am sincerely thankful.

- Marion H

Zack did a great job this morning replacing our lock. He is very knowledgeable, polite and a nice gentlemen. I am very pleased with the service from Central State.

- Mr. Krause

Thanks to “Vinnie”, he saved our summer. What a gem!!!

- Peter B.

Just a note to the general manager. I had new springs installed of my two garage doors last week. A spring on each of the doors failed and had to be replaced. Your technician Mike M. checked the problem and told me what had to be done and within an hour or so completed the installation and made sure both doors operated properly and safely. Mike was courteous, efficient and knew what he was doing. He did an excellent job and could not have been a better representative for your company. Employees like him are a key reason why we always have been a customer of your company.

- Fran F.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Alan for helping Sue and I to select a new garage door. We are very pleased with the door. It enhances our home and will look even better once our new siding is installed. The gentlemen who installed the door, Tom was very nice and very professional. Thank you again. We will recommend you and Central State to our friends and neighbors.

- C. Beckley

Thanks for your prompt service. Also technician “Vinnie” did an excellent job. I am pleased with the quiet operation. A big improvement.

- Jim D.

Should you ever need an unsolicited testimony, I would be happy to give it to you for the wonderful work your technicians have done when they installed my garage door in 1999 and yesterday when they replaced my door opener which was struck by lightning on Sunday night. Mindy handled the appointment which was more than I ever hoped for, Jarrod helped us release the old opener so that we could manually get our cars out and put in a slide lock for our safety. It was all done with no hassle much quicker than I ever hoped it would be and with such competency and courtesy from all of the men. It was a real pleasure to do business with them. They are above the usual service people and I thought you should know what assets they are to your business. I have told all the people I have spoken with how very accommodating they were and how much I appreciated the help they gave me. Sincerely yours.

- M Dooley

You are nice gentlemen. You can expect great word of mouth advertising.

- Bob P

I love my new opener that Jarrod installed. I was so impressed with how quickly you got there and installed it. It’s so much quieter than the old unit. Your mechanic was great. He showed me how everything worked and how to program the key pad. Great Job!

- Carrie C

You should be proud of your employee that worked for me. Thank you.

- K McClain

Thought I’d take the opportunity to let you know how good everyone we work with CSD is. You’ve done an amazing job in making CSD become such a professional company from years ago. Zack has always been great … as has Alan … Happy for you and all your people.

- Gary H.

Thank you. It works like a dream. NO NOISE!!

- Mary H.

Angie, I appreciate you're getting back to me.  After being in business my entire life,  it is great to see some professionalism still exists.  As a retired CEO I have 6 Peer groups at The High Family Business Center so I really appreciate your immediate response to our concern.  Thank you again, I would be glad to meet you and your staff sometime in the future.

- Dick A.

Thank you for your kindness & helping getting the job finished. Your workers were very good.

- The Rymans

Thank you for your kind assistance with the replacement of our garage door. Your installer did an excellent job and the door looks great.

- R Fields

Recently, your company installed a new garage door system at my house in Carlisle and serviced existing doors at my building in downtown Harrisburg. Marty and Randy have been very professional in their respective roles. More importantly though was the service your technicians provided. They are skilled at their work and pleasant to deal with which unfortunately has become too rare today. I will certainly refer people to your company. Thank you.

- J Male

Just wanted to let you know that your guy, Vince was out at my house yesterday to work on my door and I was very impressed with how thorough he was. I thought he would just grease a few things and head out, but he took the time to fix all of the mechanical issues and get the door working more efficiently than the day it was put in. Thanks again.

- R Hughes

Just wanted to say you are the best company I've ever worked with for customer service in the industry and I have been in the building industry for over 34 years as a sales representative and never has it has been as good as yours. I worked for several lumber yards and retired from ABC Supply just this year. Thank you for taking care of the average home owner as well as commercial contractor and home builders. It means a lot to the average home owner like myself.

- Mark H.